How to Get Up in the Morning (Starting at Night)


“Uuuuugh, five more minutes…” *five minutes later* “I guess I can take the later bus. Sure I’ll only be 15 minutes late so.”  Sound familiar? Ha, same. ಠ_ಠ  It’s just such a disappointing place to be in.

First it’s only not handing in your work, next, being late all the time, and finally, not having the motivation to get out of bed in the morning. It’s such a hard thing to get out of the habit of I can’t even tell you. ( ´△`)

What I am going to tell you though, is how you can improve to get cho’ motivation back from the depths of hell, so you can hopefully get back on track! ∩(︶▽︶)∩

This is my experience:

I started an Art & Design (post-school) college course in September. Our work as art students were not as much as I initially expected, so I was pretty much on top of everything. So as the weeks rolled on, the deadlines were BAM BAM in your face, one after the other with barely a week apart and things got real hectic real quick. I’m not sure when I started falling behind on things, but I realized soon that this was a problem. I started skipping classes, missing deadlines, then missing days because I was missing deadlines. Pretty soon, I was days and weeks behind on work that had to be done a long time ago.


And now, the golden rule to end unmotivated mornings:

☆Finish every day on a positive note☆

This simply means; When night falls (or when you’re about to call it a night)anything you enjoy doing, try discovering something new or exciting. and then, stop. For example: If you really love playing guitar, try to find a new really good note/sound that excites you and then put down the guitar and go to bed. This will make you look forward to the next day, thus making getting up in the morning more appealing. Get into the habit of this every day, it works on everything you like doing!

With this tip you will (I hope) find it easier to get up most mornings. If you’re present in (school, college, work) everyday, you will be more successful in catching up and fixing things you slipped up on.

Got a useful tip? Don’t be shy to comment on this post and share it with people! You never know, the smallest little hacks can be helpful to beat those morning blues 🙂

Thou has reached the end of this post! (∩´∀`)∩ Thanks for sticking with me!

Leila xx



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