Forgotten | A Poem


Autumn leaves they fall
They let go and they’re free
Winter comes
The first snow joins
You’ve forgotten about me

I remember not your voice
My thoughts of you they flee
All what for
You closed the door
You’ve forgotten about me

You’re the captain of my dreams
Where else would you be
I wish on hope
You’ve learned to cope
You’ve forgotten about me

And when I’m drowned down under
Deep under the sea
I’ll shut my eyes
My whisper cries
You’ve forgotten about me


My Awkward Phobias

phobiaHeya, ūüėČ

I never now what to say in the first few lines so I’ll just get started lol.

So phobias! There are so many types and names of phobias as you know. Names of all phobias here¬†So phobias are pretty common and extremely annoying to people who have it, especially if you have an outrageously¬†weird phobia that makes others be like “wtf”.

Here’s a handful of phobias that I have/had, *Btw I get weirder and weirder as you descend deeper into my blog ha, just so you’re prepared.

                                              Guitar Phobia

Now I know this isn’t part of the big ass list of phobias but it’s one that I used to have. Here, let me explain:

So basically up until about age 14 I was creeped out by guitars. All guitars, acoustic, electric, even ukuleles (or anything guitar shaped really). I find it¬†really weird, and have only basic ideas of where it comes from. I guess (now this is only an idea) but it could have come from this time when my uncle was depressed and he always played his guitar and I may have associated guitars with an uneasy feeling. Until this day I don’t know, I mean fear of a musical instrument? Really?

                                           Drain/hole Phobia

This is probably more understandable and reasonable.

This, this I know exactly where it came from hah. I must have been around 2 or 3 years old and just started toilet training. My little ass was sitting on the edge of the seat holding mommy’s hand when I suddenly lost balance, and yep, I fell into the toilet bowl. I SCREAMED for my life and was probably mentally scarred after lol. Why is this relevant? Because ever since then, I’m terrified of drains and holes bigger than 2cm. It used to really interfere with my day-to-day life to the point where I wasn’t able to pull the plug after a bath. Although it eased a bit over the last few years, I can now even TOUCH drains ha.


If you can, resist the curiosity, looking it up on Google, it’s pretty gross.

Similar to fear of holes, this phobia isn’t known very well in real life, but on the internet it’s more popular.¬†Info on trypophobia here¬†It’s very common, disturbing, disgusting and somehow interesting. As my drain/hole phobia eased, so did my Trypophobia. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Funny how the mind works huh?


Extremely common, like about 8/10 people have it I’m sure (just a guess), not rare at all! Spiders are most people’s big fear and me included. From Daddy-long-legs to Tarantulas, all too scary. *Insert too spooky for me image*

But yeah, do you have any strange phobias or awkward fears? I’d love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading ūüôā baiii!